Lamborghini – What makes people buy them?

lamborghini - Google Search 2016-04-21 20-55-29Lamborghini’s are one of many peoples dream cars. These beasts boast supercharged V8 engines that have some of the best off-the-line times of any super car. We were actually wondering how it would do in the Ferrari vs. Porsche race and had what it takes to displace either of those cars. While that might be on of our future posts (hint: it will be), for now we are fine just knowing that these beauties are one of the ultimate super cars to own. You might wonder what would make one of the elites pick a Ferrari over a Lamborghini. In a recent poll, results showed that most Ferrari owners were fans of racing and the Ferrari brand before they purchased their cars, which makes sense: Ferrari guys stay loyal. The same pollsters asked that question about Porsche owners and they found out the results were the same! Lamborghini owners as it turns out, were never fans of racing (which makes sense because Lamborghini doesn’t partake in any international races) so they had no problem shelling out some big dough for a great looking car that they knew was going to drive good and turn heads.

So what does this mean? Well, we’re really interested in the psychology that goes through peoples minds when they’re shelling out a couple hundred thousand dollars for a car. People that were into racing before they got wealthy enough to buy a car are more likely to buy the brand they supported earlier on in life. After speaking to a psychologist, the reason for this is because of the nostalgic feeling people get when driving their favorite race cars from when they were kids, even though they didn’t own the car at that point in their life. They envisioned themselves owning and driving these cars as children so when they get into their super cars as adults, those memories instantly flood their minds and it brings them back to a time when they were children. We wanted to share the psychology of buying super cars because we think it’s interesting and answers that question of why people buy the super cars they do. If you have any feedback on our psychological analysis of the elite and their car buying habits, please drop us a line here.

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