Ferrari Vs. Porsche

We’re going to hit you with a poll question first before we get into the nitty gritty. What do you car enthusiasts prefer? Ferrari, or Porsche? We’re talking all around, performance, looks, speed, everythang. Please submit your response to our contact page. We’ll reveal our answer to you all at the end of the poll which will be this Monday night. Now we know there are plenty of different models for each brand of car, but the family they belong to are completely different when it comes to racing history, performance, and looks. We were really excited to ask our readers this question because not a lot of people that own one, own the other. There’s the ultra rich of course who can prefer both but to the average person, even the pretty well off, you gotta pick one or the other. We recently went on a test drive at the new Porsche race track in southern California than took a trip to the east coast to test drive the new Ferrari at their track. We are really excited to fully break down our opinions on each car in detail on Monday nights post. Please be sure to send us an e-mail with your top picks because there might be a special giveaway to one lucky person that sends us a response (hint: the prize is pretty sweet and you’re going to want to response). Thanks for reading this and we’ll look forward to hearing from y’all. If you would like to learn more about our bloggers, please check out our about page here. Peace!

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