Ferrari Spider

ferrari spiderThe Ferrari Spider is one of our favorite cars of all time. This beast has over 400 horsepower and can blow the pants off of most other luxury street cars. These cars are only meant for the people with the biggest pockets on the planet because one of these bad boys brand new is going to cost upwards of over half a million dollars. What separates this model from the other Ferrari’s is it’s sleek race-car appearance and the engine under the hood. This 4.5 liter V8 turbo charged engine is the fastest stock Ferrari engine on the market. We had a chance to drive this beast at the Ferrari race track which we covered in this article here. We’re not really sure what Ferrari has up it’s sleeve to top the spider but we’re almost scared to find out. This spider model will throw you into the back of your seat in a split second as this baby can go 0-60 in less than 3.4 seconds. The only other car that can beat it that we’ve seen is the Bugatti. They haven’t released a new spider for 2016 so we’re not sure if it will be discontinued or not (we sure hope not) so we’ll have to wait and see what the top dogs at Ferrari decided to do. The Spider is the closest thing to an F1 car that we’ve seen them release so far, and if you read that post, you know we love F1 so that is probably one of the main reason it’s our favorite. We recently had a reader write to us from Mesa, Arizona regarding his recent purchase of a Ferrari Spider and he said it was the best investment he’s ever made in his life. He said he knows he’s not supposed to drive it that much because of depreciation but he’s driven it everyday for 3 weeks straight already! Talk about an addicting ride! If you’ve had a chance to drive the Ferrari Spider or any of the other cars in the Ferrari family, we’d love to hear about it so please shoot us a line here. If there are any other race style street cars you’d like to see feature in our upcoming April articles, please let us know and we’ll be happy to oblige.

Lamborghini – What makes people buy them?

lamborghini - Google Search 2016-04-21 20-55-29Lamborghini’s are one of many peoples dream cars. These beasts boast supercharged V8 engines that have some of the best off-the-line times of any super car. We were actually wondering how it would do in the Ferrari vs. Porsche race and had what it takes to displace either of those cars. While that might be on of our future posts (hint: it will be), for now we are fine just knowing that these beauties are one of the ultimate super cars to own. You might wonder what would make one of the elites pick a Ferrari over a Lamborghini. In a recent poll, results showed that most Ferrari owners were fans of racing and the Ferrari brand before they purchased their cars, which makes sense: Ferrari guys stay loyal. The same pollsters asked that question about Porsche owners and they found out the results were the same! Lamborghini owners as it turns out, were never fans of racing (which makes sense because Lamborghini doesn’t partake in any international races) so they had no problem shelling out some big dough for a great looking car that they knew was going to drive good and turn heads.

So what does this mean? Well, we’re really interested in the psychology that goes through peoples minds when they’re shelling out a couple hundred thousand dollars for a car. People that were into racing before they got wealthy enough to buy a car are more likely to buy the brand they supported earlier on in life. After speaking to a psychologist, the reason for this is because of the nostalgic feeling people get when driving their favorite race cars from when they were kids, even though they didn’t own the car at that point in their life. They envisioned themselves owning and driving these cars as children so when they get into their super cars as adults, those memories instantly flood their minds and it brings them back to a time when they were children. We wanted to share the psychology of buying super cars because we think it’s interesting and answers that question of why people buy the super cars they do. If you have any feedback on our psychological analysis of the elite and their car buying habits, please drop us a line here.

NASCAR Compared to Indy

I recently attended a NASCAR and Indy car race within the last month. I wanted to discuss some differences that I notice at these races and which one I ultimately fell in love with. Both of these events were a lot of fun and I highly recommend going to any and every race you can possibly go to. I’m planning on going to future NASCAR races and Indy races, especially an F1 race which I’ve never been to.

nascarNASCAR has way bigger turnouts to their events, hands down. They’ve done an incredible job of branding themselves and building up their sport with die hard race fans. The race was incredibly loud and if you’ve never been to one of these races I highly recommend you wear ear plugs. There were a few people that have probably bee to too many races in their life time that weren’t wearing ear plugs but damaging your ear drums is definitely possible without protection. The race I went to happened to be one of the closest finishes in NASCAR history which was extremely exciting. The thing I love about both NASCAR and Indy car is that if there’s a wreck or anything like that, they stop then re-start the race with everyone bunched up right next to each other. This way if there’s someone that’s dominating the race, it can still mean a very exciting finish which is exactly what happened when I was at NASCAR. These beastly machines race around the track at an average of 200 MPH and are a ton of fun to watch.

indyIndy Cars drivers are zooming theirĀ  cars around the track at up to 230 MPH! This makes Indy car a little more exciting than NASCAR, but not by much. Indy cars are a lot quieter than their NASCAR counterparts but I would still highly recommend bringing ear plugs! The Indy car race was literally about half as filled up with fans as NASCAR so they don’t do nearly as good a job as NASCAR when it comes to marketing and building up their brand. I was with a friend that is a die hard Indy car fan so I got a lot more insight into the sport and learned about what they were doing in the pits and the strategy involved in racing. It was more entertaining and informational than the NASCAR race I went to, so it’s hard to say if I would have enjoyed NASCAR a little more if there was someone to explain everything to me. In conclusion Indy car stole my heart but I would highly recommend going to each of these types of races if you ever get the chance. Next time I would probably do a little more research on the racers and the point standings so I knew more about what was going on. Just remember no matter what race you go to you’re going to have a good time, just don’t forget to bring ear plugs! If you’d like to learn more about Ferrari and Porsche, who are both heavily into racing, please check out that article here. If you have any questions about racing, please contact me.

Ferrari Vs. Porsche

We’re going to hit you with a poll question first before we get into the nitty gritty. What do you car enthusiasts prefer? Ferrari, or Porsche? We’re talking all around, performance, looks, speed, everythang. Please submit your response to our contact page. We’ll reveal our answer to you all at the end of the poll which will be this Monday night. Now we know there are plenty of different models for each brand of car, but the family they belong to are completely different when it comes to racing history, performance, and looks. We were really excited to ask our readers this question because not a lot of people that own one, own the other. There’s the ultra rich of course who can prefer both but to the average person, even the pretty well off, you gotta pick one or the other. We recently went on a test drive at the new Porsche race track in southern California than took a trip to the east coast to test drive the new Ferrari at their track. We are really excited to fully break down our opinions on each car in detail on Monday nights post. Please be sure to send us an e-mail with your top picks because there might be a special giveaway to one lucky person that sends us a response (hint: the prize is pretty sweet and you’re going to want to response). Thanks for reading this and we’ll look forward to hearing from y’all. If you would like to learn more about our bloggers, please check out our about page here. Peace!